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Full Application Materials for GGS Scholarships for Sri Lanka 2017
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The candidates who have been nominated for the 2017 GGS scholarships for Sri Lanka shall submit the following documents, completely and accurately, to Guizhou University before May 15, 2017:

GGS Scholarship Application Form.doc (click to download)
Resume (CV) Form.doc (click to download)

    3.  Foreigner Physical Examination Form.pdf (click to download) 
4. Valid passport photocopy
5. Notarized highest diploma photocopy (Prospective diploma winners can use a Scheduled Graduation Certificate)
6. Official academic transcripts
7. A study plan with a minimum of 600 words
8. A letter of recommendation by the Recommending University

Note: All the documents should be provided in English or Chinese. Diplomas and transcripts in languages other than Chinese or English must be attached with notarized English or Chinese translations. We suggest that all the candidates sumit the materials through the Program Coordinator of the recommending university together to us instead of separately.


The application documents may be submited to us in hard copies by post, or submitted by e-mail to cie@gzu.edu.cn in clear scans.


For the lists of bachelor's, master's and doctoral programs offered by Guizhou University, please see:

1.  List of Bachelor's Programs.pdf 

2.  List of Master's Programs.pdf 

3.  List of Doctoral Programs.pdf

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